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Women's History Research in Archives : Introduction

How to research women's history in archival sources

Guide Creator

Virginia Corvid created this guide as part of a practicum at the Gender and Women's Studies Librarian's Office. 

Thank you to the previous Gender and Women's Studies Librarian, Phyllis Holman Weisbard, for all of her assistance and advice.

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About This Guide

Archival research can feel intimidating because archives use different organizational methods and have more restrictive access systems than libraries.

This guide will help you research women's history in archives by teaching how to find relevant archives and how to get the most out of archival organization.

Ways to Use This Guide


Follow links and use search tips to find digitized archival materials available online or reproductions of archival materials in a library near you. See the Primary Sources tab


Find an archive near you and use tips to find women's and gender history related materials in their collections.


Find an archive devoted to your research topic or with the papers of a particular person, organization or institution. Get tips and explanations that will help you get the most out of your research time when you visit.


Read the whole guide and combine numerous strategies as appropriate to different aspects of your research project.

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