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X-Ray Crystallography : Article Databases

Article Databases


Login to Reaxys.

Replaces Beilstein/Gmelin.

  • Locate crystallographic data in CRYSTALS data fields:
    Physical Data > various crystal data fields


Login to GeoRef (earth sciences)

Refine search results with THESAURUS terms such as:

  • crystal structure -- use for the internal structure of a crystal
  • lattice
  • X-ray analysis -- used methodology, not data, X-ray diffraction analysis used through 1977. Before 1978, search X-ray. Indexed with specific method where available.
  • X-ray data -- use for data


Access to PubMed via the UW-Madison Library

Use MeSH heading "Crystallography" or narrower MeSH terms found below this term in the MeSH tree:


  • Neutron Diffraction
  • Powder Diffraction
  • Crystallography, X-Ray
    • X-Ray Diffraction


Click HERE to access SciFinder Web login and search help.

  • Limit substance records: GET REFERENCES > CRYSTAL STRUCTURE role. Article must focus on crystallography to be assigned this role. Roles have been applied since 1967.
  • Refine by RESEARCH TOPIC: crystal