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X-Ray Crystallography : Learn Online

Online Learning

Symmetry@Otterbein. Designed to help students learn concepts and to help faculty teach concepts of molecular symmetry. Sections of the web site include a tutorial, gallery, and "challenge." This project is supported by NSF-DUE #0536710. 

Cowtan, K. Interactive Structure Factor Tutorial. 

Crystallography, CSIC. 

Hardaker, W.; Chapuis, G. Crystallographic applets and simulations. 

International Union of Crystallography. Crystallographic Education.

Jasinski, Jerry P.; Foxman, Bruce M. Symmetry and Space Group Tutorial. Site contains a donwloadable PowerPoint tutorial. The authors ask for feedback and invite users to register for updates. 

Proffen, T.; Neder, R.B. Interactive Tutorial about Diffraction, ver. 2.1. 2003. 

Reciprocal.Net. Learn About Crystallography.

Vela, Michael J.; Cho, Tae H.; Foxman, Bruce M. Crystalline Insights: An X-ray Lab-Based Tutorial and Structure Determination Demo. Site contains a downloadable PowerPoint tutorial suitable for advanced high school and above.The tutorial will run on a PC or Mac with MS PowerPoint installed. The authors ask for feedback and invite users to register for updates.



American Crystallographic Association.

British Crystallographic Association.

European Crystallographic Association.

International Union of Crystallography. 

International Zeolite Association. 

Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand .

Swiss Crystallographic Association.