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European Union Law : Journal Articles

A brief guide to selected UW-Madison Law Library and electronic resources for research in EU Law. The UW Memorial Library, an EU depository library, has its own more extensive research guide; see the "Research Guides" section below for more info.

Journal Articles


Current Index to Legal Periodicals (Accessible in Law BLDG/Law user remote)

Citations to current law journal articles by date, topic, & journal title. New issues are added weekly as they become available,

generally by early Thursday afternoon. Older issues are removed after four months.

Current Law Index (1980 -)

Periodical Index Tables, Grand Reading Room, 5th Floor, West.

Citations to articles in more than 850 English language legal periodicals and newspapers. Some articles have abstracts. See also Legal Resource Index, infra.

European Legal Journals Index

 Periodical index tables, Grand Reading Room, 5th Floor West (1993-1999);

Covers journal titles which are published in Europe in English. Complements Legal Journals Index, infra.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals ( Accessible On-campus / UW remote)

Also Periodical index tables, Grand Reading Room, 5th Floor, West, s. 34;  WESTLAW:IFLP (1985-)

Index to world-wide legal literature on all forms of foreign (non-Angle-American) law. Covers foreign law, comparative law, and legal systems. Includes journal articles, reports, essays, yearbooks, and book reviews in a variety of languages.

Index to Legal Periodicals Full Text & Retrospective

Also Periodical Index Tables, Grand Reading Room, 5th Floor, West, s. 34;LexisNexis: LAWREV;ILP; WESTLAW;ILP (1981 -)

Citations to articles, bibliographies, book reviews, and other titles from 891 legal periodicals (law reviews and law journals), dating back to 1908.
Also contains citations to more than 2000 law books.

Legal Journals Index

Periodical Index Tables, Grand Reading Room, 5th Floor West (1986-1999);Westlaw: LJI-INDX(1986 - present).
Indexes articles from legal journals published in the United Kingdom and Europe and journals covering topics pertaining to the laws of the European Community and of its Member States. More than 430 United Kingdom and English language journals are covered.

Legal Resource Index

 LexisNexis: LAWREV; LGLIND; Westlaw: LRI (1980 - ).
An Expanded electronic version of Current Law Index , supra.

Public Affairs Information Service International

Indexes journal articles; books; government documents; statistical compilations; committee reports; directories; serials; reports of public, intergovernmental, and private organizations; and most other forms of printed literature from all over the world.Coverage is 1992-present.


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