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AFROAMER/GWS 625: Gender, Race, & Civil Rights (Spring 2022) : Articles


While the impact of a daily, printed newspaper has changed drastically, newspapers have long been a main pillar of information for a very wide audience. Listed below are several places to access African American newspapers, these newspapers were largely written by and for the Black community.

For more places to find newspapers, see the Newspapers Research Guide.


The newspapers listed above can either be searched individually by clicking on the link above. If you'd like to search across all titles, first click into any of the links. Then, locate the "change databases" button and click it:In the Proquest interface, an arrow points to the "change databases" button

Next, scroll through the list of databases and select the newspaper titles you would like to search:
Image shows a list of ProQuest databases with arrows pointing to boxes to check in order to search multiple titles.

Click "use selected databases," and you're ready to search through multiple newspapers at once.

Other periodicals - magazines, newsletters, etc

Below are several databases that contain writings from a variety of magazines, leaflets, and newsletters.

On This Page

This page offers guidance on finding newspapers, magazines, and other kinds of primary source articles. 

Wisconsin Historical Society Library Newspapers Collections

The Wisconsin Historical Society Library owns 11,740 bound volumes, 100,000 reels of microfilm, and 17,000 sheets of microprint spanning three centuries of American newspaper history. Particular strengths include Wisconsin newspapers, colonial and early American newspapers west of the Appalachians, and the largest collection of labor and trade union papers in the nation.

The Library's holdings of 1960s "underground" or alternative newspapers are also extensive. Other areas of the collection that have attained national importance are Native American and African-American newspapers. Among rarities in the newspaper collection are the first African-American and Native American newspapers and the first Bohemian, Dutch, Norwegian, and Spanish language newspapers published in the United States.

To discover if the library owns a particular title, search the Library Catalog. Also see the Library Catalog box on this page.

More information about the Newspaper Collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society Library.

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are typically a very important part of a research project. To find appropriate articles for your assignments try the following databases.