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Publication Tracking : Google Scholar for Tracking Publications

About This Section

This section provides information and tips on how to conduct publication tracking searches in Google Scholar. Click the navigation tabs on the left or the following links to see how to search PubMed publications by:


Important Notes

A few things to consider when using Google Scholar for Publication Tracking:

  • Google Scholar contains both peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed documents.
  • Google Scholar runs off of a proprietary algorithm that retrieve items based on the preferences of the person using it. This means that your search may retrieve different results than someone else running the exact same search.
  • Google Scholar is limited in its search features compared to databases like PubMed.
  • Google Scholar can be great for finding grey literature and articles published in non-indexed journals.

Contact Us!

The Ebling Library provides education, training, and consultation services in tracking the publications of researchers, units, and/or departments.

Projects for publication tracking (such as conducting searches and providing citation management support for publication tracking) are accepted on a case-by-case basis, and are dependent on librarian availability. Researchers, units, or departments requesting services are responsible for locating and compiling identifying information for groups of authors (such as affiliation or middle initials), reviewing retrieved publications, and any analyses of results from publication tracking.

For additional information, contact Paije Wilson ( or Trisha Adamus (