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Russian, East European and Central Asian Resources at UW-Madison : Evaluating Articles

Evaluating Articles

Evaluating articles to determine if they are relevant, appropriate, and of high quality.

  • Is the article useful? Evaluate the article title, abstract, subject headings.
    • Is it relevant to my research topic? 
    • Is the article reliable and of high quality?  Is the article scholarly and peer reviewd?  Evaluate the article abstract, source, authors and credentials, bibliography,  etc. 
      • What do you know about the author(s) and credentials?
      • What do you know about the source or journal in which the article is published?
      • What is the purpose of the article?  Is it to communicate the results of research?
      • Who is the audience for the article?  Is it other researchers or academics?
      • Does the article refer to other sources and include a bibliography?
      • What about the language used?  Is it academic or popular? 
      • How long is the article? 

For more information about evaluating articles:

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