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Biographical Information : General Resources

Databases, books, Web sites, and other resources for finding biographies of people.

Library Catalog Search Tips

Library Catalog

1. Click Advanced Search.  

2. Click UW-Madison Locations, click Memorial, and choose reference locations.

3. Type Biography in Subject box.

4. Add another word (e.g., dramatists, poets, authors, women, Asian Americans (name of ethnic group), etc.) in Keywords to further limit your search.

Database Library

At-a-glance listing of Biography resources in the Database Library:

Reference > Biography

About this Guide

This guide provides resources for finding biographies of people. It groups resources in categories, General Resources, Professions, Places, Populations, and Time Periods. Some resources include only deceased or only living persons and some include both deceased and living persons.

Start with the general online resources below. When choosing a resource, it may be helpful to consider the person's profession, place of origin, and population group.

The Memorial Library Reference Collection has many more resources for finding information about persons. These can be found by searching the Library Catalog. See Library Catalog Search Tips.

Online Reference Resources

Start with these online resources for locating brief biographical profiles.

Other Formats in the Reference Collection

A few of the general resources in the Memorial Library Reference Collection.

Web Sites

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