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Middle East

Middle Eastern Studies in Memorial Library cover the history, linguistics, literature, economics, political science and ethnic and cultural studies of the Mashriq (مشرق) i.e. countries east of the Sinai Peninsula, as well as the countries of the Saudi Arabian peninsula/Persian Gulf, Iran and Afghanistan.


Selected resources on the Middle East Region as a whole
Middle Eastern English Language Newspapers
Global Press Archive - Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers
Confidential Print: Middle East  (1839-1969)
Foreign Office Files for the Middle East (1971-1981)
U.S. Intelligence on the Middle East (1945-2009)
Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance E-book Collection
Brockelmann in English: The History of the Arabic Written Tradition Online
eBook Arabic Collection: Al-Kotob
Dar Almandumah
Early Arabic printed books from the British Library = Inna umahāt al-kutub al-ʻArabīyah al-maṭbūʻah min al-maktabah al-Birīṭānīyah.  [Module 1: Religion and Law, Module 2: Sciences, History, and Geography, Module 3: Periodicals, Literature, Grammar, Language, Catalogues and General Works]
Border and Migration Studies Online
Arabic Collections Online (ACO)
Arabian Gulf Digital Archive
Qatar Digital Library
Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question
Islamic Painted Page
Preservation of Historical Periodical Collections (1900-1950) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library in East Jerusalem

Selected resources on Iran
Iranian Strategic Studies Journals
Iranian Strategic Studies E-book Collection
Yale Iranian History Internet Archive (YIHA)
Harvard Iranian Oral History Project
Radio Farda
Hamid Naficy Iranian and Middle Eastern Movie Posters Collection

Selected resources on Afghanistan
RFE/RL Radio Azadi (Dari service)
RFE/RL Radio Azadi (Pashto service)
RFE/RL Azadi (English)