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Free Resources for Madison & Beyond : Home

A guide collecting free & open resources for the UW-Madison and Greater Madison community during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Scope of This Guide

When we think about "Open Education" and "Openness" as a whole, at the foundation is sharing knowledge. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have had to rapidly grapple with changes in every aspect of our lives. Everyday, more and more information is released to help us navigate these new challenges which can be overwhelming. This LibGuide seeks to coalesce this information.

In this guide, which will be updated as new resources become available, we've pulled together not only open educational resources for K-12, but also free community resources for the Greater Madison area, free productivity tools options, free recreational options, and free tools to support mental health & well-being. We hope that this guide can be helpful alongside resources that the library already offers to support learning at a distance; recognizing that while we're striving to be safer at home, there are needs students, faculty, and staff may have in addition to teaching and learning. We hope you find resources here that will be helpful in varying ways. 


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Kristin Lansdown
Open Educational Resources Librarian
Memorial Library