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ASIAN/RELIG ST 473: Meditation in Indian Buddhism and Hinduism (Fall 2023) : Database Search Strategies

Search Tips

  • Use AND to combine different words to find both or all those words, in any order.  
    • meditation AND neuroscience
  • Use OR to combine similar words or synonyms or variations to find either or any of those words
    • health OR well-being
  • Use quotation marks ( " ") to search words as a phrase
    • "mindfulness-based stress reduction"
  • Use an asterisk ( * ) to find varied endings of words and singular and plural forms.
    • therap* to find therapy, therapies, therapeutic
  • Look at Subjects to find additional keywords and use them to find relevant and specific results.
  • Look for an option to limit to Scholarly Journals on the left side of search results in most databases