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Copyright Guide for Students : Citations

How do I cite?

Check with your instructor to determine which format you should use or see Citing Sources, a guide to citing according to different styles.

Sample Bibliography format: Artist/Creator. "Title". Source. URL. Date Accessed (if URL). CC license URL (if CC object).

Scholastic. "Suzanne Collins Reading". Frame from Suzanne Collins Reads from First Chapter of Mockinjay. Accessed 4/1/14.

Sample Video End Credits

"Let it Go" 
Arranged by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
Performed by Idena Menzel
Used with permission

(dir. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, 2013 Walt  Disney Studios)


Creating an online project? Attribute images with HTML code

When displaying images online, add image attributes. The title attribute provides text when the image is moused over. The alt attribute provides alternate text for an image if the image cannot be displayed. Use to generate HTML code for images in Flickr with CC licenses.

Sample code with example:

<img src="value" title="title of image " alt="attritution and explanation of image ">

<img scr="" title="'Mockinjay' Actress Stef Dawson with Author Suzanne Collins" alt="Stef Dawson and Suzanne Collins. Photo by Stef Dawson of herself and Suzanne Collings on the set of 'Mockinjay' in 2013 . © 2013 Stef Dawson">

What information do I need?

1. Creator’s name or screen name

2. Object title or name

3. Source (if object came from another work) -  include author, title & date

4. Format (video, frame, etc.)

5. URL for a web site and the date you accessed the object

6. URL for the CC license if using Creative Commons (CC) object

Citing Sources