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Bottled Water : Finding Web sites

This libguide is a collaborative project between Wisconsin's Water Library and the UW-Madison Chemistry Library.

Evaluating Web Sites

How can you trust what you see on the Internet? Anyone can and will post information on the Internet, so it is important to evaluate the quality of the information you find. Librarians agree that these are questions you should always ask about a web site:

  1. WHAT is the site about? Does it have the kind of information you need?
  2. WHO created the page/site?
  3. WHERE is the information coming from?
  4. WHY is this site on the web and how does it affect the information?
  5. WHEN was the page or information created? Is the date important for the timeliness of the content?

See UW-Madison Libraries Judging Reliability and Relevance.

Web Subject Directories

Besides journal articles and technical books, you may need to use the Web to locate your sources of information.  When searching for Web sites that have recommended information from reliable sources, we suggest using a Web Subject Directory.  A Web Subject Directory acts like a "Table of Contents for the Internet" and can save you time searching. Most Subject Directories are compiled by experts in various fields. Subject directories usually have a smaller number of sites. They are useful for browsing broad questions like "I need to find information on bottled water …."

Who else might be important?

Scientific associations (such as the American Chemical Society, American Fisheries Association) may produce reliable, scientific information.  Some possible trade associations to consider:  International Bottled Water Association, Container Recycling Institute.

Associations Unlimited

Who are the businesses involved in bottled water and how is the industry doing?

Standard and Poor's Net Advantage: look for "Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages" Industry Survey.

ABI/Inform: corporate strategies, trends, and business conditions.

Other useful stuff

Maybe from the manufacturers, but full of some useful items:

Bottled Water Web

As we find useful links, we'll add them here.