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Reproductive Health : Introductory Note

Introductory Note about Historical Articles

Articles published since the early 1970s on the history of abortion, fertility, and contraception are innumerable. In addition to clinical aspects, articles encompass the contexts of politics, access to health care, feminine history, international restrictions or allowances, economics, social movements, and cultural relationships. Rather than list a few here, I invite you to contact me, Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, public historian/librarian at Ebling, and I can help navigate this multi-layered landscape.

Additionally, this web page, History of the Health Sciences: Databases to Use, will get you to most of the UW-Madison databases that have historical resources, either primary (created during the time, like an 1890 newspaper clipping on abortion) or secondary (a history of a subject). For the history of reproductive health care, JSTOR, PubMed, IndexCat, Lexis, and Reader’s Guide Retrospective may be particularly useful.