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CHICLA 501: Chican@ and Latin@ Social Movements in the U.S. (Spring 2022) : Searching for Articles

Finding Articles in Databases

Reminder - if you are looking for articles on a subject or topic, it tends to be best to find multiple subject databases related to your topic to search within. For directions, go to the Find Databases tab on this guide (see tab on left).

For other ways to search for articles, see the other boxes on this page for directions.

Finding Articles in Suggested Journals

How to search for a specific journal to search that journal for articles:

For this class, your instructor has provided some specific journals you can search in. You can use the instructions above to search or browse in those journals.

Suggested Journals:

Latinx Studies:

Chicana/Latina Studies

Latino Studies

The Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies

Journal of Latinx Psychology


Journal of Latin American Geography



International Migration Review

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Find an Article from a Citation

Here are directions for finding a specific article that you found mentioned in a book, an article, or online:

Finding Articles Cited by a Source: Citation Reference Searching