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Local and state governments--how to access them : Home

How to find your local and state government representatives and local government bodies.


This guide links to information on 

  • Identifying local and state elected representatives
  • Contacting local and state elected representatives
  • Finding agendas and other information about local government meetings
  • Finding out how you can participate in local government meetings

This guide focuses on the following governments:

  • City of Madison
  • Dane County
  • State of Wisconsin

Links to local governments in Wisconsin

List of and links to Wisconsin's 72  counties

  • Click on the county name to get a brief description of the county.
  • Click on the web address in the right column to go to the county's website.

List of most of the cities and villages in Wisconsin (ie, a list of most Wisconsin cities and villages)

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities is a membership organization comprised of 189 cities and 404 villages. Most, but not all, of Wisconsin's villages and cities are members of the League, and there are links to those member villages and cities on the lower part of the League Members page.