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Government Information on Police-Community Relations June 2020 : Madison School Board

This guide focuses on local and state government entities that have oversight over law enforcement.

Board of Education, Madison Metropolitan School District (Madison School Board)

Currently, the Madison Metropolitan School District has a contract with the Madison Police Department in which the police department provides "School Resources Officers" to Madison's four biggest high schools.  (In some documentation, these officers are referred to as "Educational Resource Officers.") 

This contract is for the 2019/2020 through 2021/2022 school years.

The links above go to a copy of the contract stored in the BoardDocs document management system, which the Madison Board of Education uses to store its documents and calendars.


The Madison Board of Education established an  Education Resource Officer (ERO) Ad Hoc Committee  on December 5, 2016.  The membership was established on January 27, 2017.  The Ad Hoc Committee on Education Resource Officers shall consist of 8 to 12 members, with Then-Board-of-Education Anna Moffitt was designated as Chair, 2 other Board of Education were selected by the President of the Board, and 9 school district and community members selected via an open application by the chair, in consultation with other members of the Board of Education and the Superintendent. (Information from pages 1-2 of Education Resource Officer Ad Hoc Committee Report to Board of Education.)

The committee's report to the Board of Education was published in September 2018.