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Welcome to the the UW Madison Libraries!  This guide was created to let you know about the many library resources that are available to you while you are a student here.  Click on the appropriate subject tab to find more information on how to find and use resources for your research.  There are a number of tutorials and videos below if you are not familiar with a resource.  Library staff are also available for consultations.  We can be reached at


Tutorials & Micro-courses

Full listing of Micro-courses

Full listing of Library Research Tutorials

Research Assistance from Steenbock/SEL Librarians

UW-Madison librarians provide support during each phase of the research life cycle. How can we help you to achieve your research goals? Contact us to start the conversation.

Research Support, UW-Madison Libraries: 

  • Planning Your Research Project
  • Collecting, Organizing, and Analyzing Data and Information
  • Publishing, Sharing and Communicating Your Research
  • Managing, Storing, and Preserving Research Data and Publications
  • Tracking, Measuring and Analyzing Impact