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This guide looks at privacy in the digital age. It provides research tips as well as tools and strategies to protect your privacy and personal information.

What is Privacy?

Privacy is not an easy concept to define because it means different things to different people.  In today's digital world, thinking about privacy is more important than ever. Answering the following questions will help you decide what privacy means to you, as well as how you protect your privacy and benefit from sharing your personal information.

  • Who wants access to my personal information?  
  • What information do they want?  
  • Did they ask me if they could use it?
  • What are the risks related to sharing this information?
  • What are the benefits to sharing it?
  • Am I comfortable with sharing information?
  • If I am not comfortable, what can I do to change the situation?

Privacy, Security and Anonymity

The diagram illustrates the relationship between privacy and the related concepts of security and anonymity.  Sometimes being anonymous can protect your privacy, while sometimes it takes security measures to protect it.  

Privacy Sources

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