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HISTORY 600: America and China (Fall 2020) : Newspapers and periodicals in Chinese

Newspapers and periodicals published in China

China Social Science Excellence 人大复印报刊资料 1995-present

  • Expected to be available through December 31, 2020
  • It covers 4,000 kinds of humanities and social science academic achievements published in newspapers and journals in China since 1995.
  • The Research Analysis function provides predictive analysis of trends for targeted research projects.

People's Daily 人民日报 1946-present

  • The official voice of China's central government started in May 1946 and published a current circulation of 3 million.
  • Scanned newspaper layouts with searching in full-text.

参考消息 1957-2002

  • The Reference News (参考消息) started to publish in 1931. It covers the translated and re-publishes articles by news agencies out of China.
  • This resource is an archive of open-access from the civil group.

Xinhua Net 新华网

  • The official website of Xinhua News Agency is the most significant and influential media organization in China and the largest news agency in the world in terms of correspondents worldwide.
  • This website covers the latest news published in the Xinhua Daily Telegraph (新华每日电讯), Economic Information Daily (经济参考), Outlook Daily (瞭望), China Comment (半月谈), International Herald Leader (国际先驱导报), Globe (环球), Oriental Outlook (瞭望东方周刊), China Image (中国图品在线), Reference News (参考消息), and China Financial Weekly (财经国家周刊). 

摘译 (Selected Translations) Database 1973-1976

  • It was “internally published” by the Shanghai Renmin Chubanshe from late 1973 to the end of 1976. Its purpose was to document social and political developments and conflicts in the Soviet Union, the US, and Japan through translations, synopses, criticism, and news summaries of works of fiction, film, theater, and poetry. The importance of Zhaiyi lies in its providing one of the few Chinese windows to the international culture at the time.
  • It is made accessible online for scholarly research in a fully searchable version from The Institute of Chinese Studies Heidelberg.

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