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HISTORY 600: America and China (Fall 2020) : Image resources

Image collections

Paper Son 

  • The collection created by the descendant of Paper Son. It includes his father's Chinese Exclusion Act Case File.
  • It is open access in English.

Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages from Stefan Landsberger

  • This collection includes 200 posters from the collections of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, and Stefan R. Landsberger (University of Amsterdam, Leiden University). It covers the posters from the 1920s to the present.
  • The description of content is in English and Chinese.

Chinese Pamphlets 連環畫

  • This collection is the mass education materials published in Hong Kong and Mainland China, particularly Shanghai, in 1947-1954. These cartoon books, pamphlets, postcards, and magazines, on topics such as foreign threats to Chinese security, Chinese relations with the Soviet Union, industrial and agricultural production, and marriage reform, were produced by both Kuomintang (Nationalist) and Gongchantang (Communist) supporters.
  • It provides full-text access.

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