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French Revolution : Home


This LibGuide will assist you in your search for resources on the French Revolution on the UW-Madison campus and in other libraries around the world. It will give you direction in searching for books, periodicals, microforms and other essential material.

The French Revolution

Last Roll Call of the Victims of the Terror by Charles-Louis Muller (1815-1892)

The French Revolution, typically representing the span of years from 1789-1799, is one of the most influential events in modern history that has shaped our western world.  Echoes of those tumultuous days in the French political scene reverberate in our society today.  May you find this guide helpful in delving deeper into learning about the causes, characteristics, and consequences of this important movement.  

Western European History & Social Sciences

Julianne Haahr

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This LibGuide was created by Joshua Torres and Julianne Haahr