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Environmental Observation and Informatics (EOI) Library Resources : Welcome


Welcome to the Environmental Observation and Informatics Library Resources guide. My name is Heather Shimon, and I'm a librarian in the Science and Engineering Libraries at UW-Madison. Please consider me your first point of contact for assistance using our library and research data services.

As a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, you have access to our extensive library collection, both the electronic and the physical materials, as well as research data services and our grants collection.

Research in Environmental Observation and Informatics requires understanding the scholarly literature, working with datasets, and finding grant opportunities. This guide is intended to give you an overview of navigating the resources available to you.

Please begin the guide with the Graduate Research Micro-Course, especially Lesson 5: Institutional Library Services, which provides information on library distance services for students who are not on campus. 

We wish you well in your work. Welcome to UW-Madison!

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Heather Shimon
Science & Engineering Libraries | Steenbock Library |

I am happy to schedule virtual appointments!