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CHEM 115: Chemical Principles I (Fall 2021) : Class Information

Comparing Sources and Evaluating Information

You will be assigned breakout groups during class and will work through this comparison chart for the articles:

Chem 115 Article Comparison

Make a copy of that Google Doc to do your work. Have one person make a copy and share it with the others so you can all work together and discuss. 

Building Research Questions

Developing a focused research question, like you will need for your final paper, takes time. For this lab, you'll be starting the process. When developing a research question, choose a topic that interests you and start looking at the popular and scholarly literature to get a broad idea what is out there.
Building a Concept Map and keeping notes on your search process and strategy will be helpful in fully developing a research question. Below are links that will help you with this process:

Annotated Bibliography Entry Example

Vasilopoulos, A.; Krska, S. W.; Stahl, S. S. C(sp3)–H Methylation Enabled by Peroxide Photosensitization and Ni-mediated Radical Coupling. Science 2021, 372 (6540), 398–403. DOI: 10.1126/science.abh2623.

This article describes a new method for attaching a single methyl group to potential pharmaceutical molecules. Adding a methyl group can often make a compound less toxic, more stable, or change the selectivity. Researchers found that a nickel containing catalyst facilitates this process with radical compounds.

I located this primary source article by doing keyword searches for photosensit*, nickel, and "radical coupling" in PubMed. This article would be useful if I was researching new drugs that could benefit from the addition of a methyl group for added stability.