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MED SC-V 678: Small Animal Internal Medicine (Summer 2024) : Veterinary Website Resources

Veterinary Website Resources

Online resources can be an important mechanism used to gather information and learn however many of these resources have limitations and are best used as complimentary and not your primary information gathering source.

When trying to answer a clinical question Google is not your friend. You really should be initiating your search through a trusted portal such as the UW (or other university) library resources or an organizational website that you have experience with and trust. Commercial websites have commercial interests and frequently that creates conflicts of interest. When considering whether to use an online resource you should ask yourself

  1. What organization or person is responsible for the website and what are their commercial interests?
  2. Who provides the information included on the site? Are they specialists in their field? Look for the author’s credentials.
  3. Is the content peer reviewed? Is the content from personal experience or based off of the scientific literature?
  4. How old is the information? Is the website updated? Information less than 3-5 years old is ideal, however clinical dogma information on problems and diseases can be an exception.
  5. Is the information I am reading a hidden advertisement or does it include a link to a product website?