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MED SC-V 678: Small Animal Internal Medicine (Summer 2024) : Home

MEDSC-V678: Small Animal Internal Medicine Clinical Rotation

This course guide is designed to support the students enrolled in the MEDSC-V678 Small Animal Internal Medicine Clinical Rotation. This guide contains links to books, articles, and information sources provided by the UW Madison Libraries, and other reputable organizations as curated by the librarian and the course instructor(s) . These materials support the rotation's Learning Outcome 6 (Use appropriate resources to answer clinically relevant case-based questions),  as well as your toolkit of lifelong professional learning resources.


Official Course Description from Syllabus:

Open to fourth year (VM4) veterinary students. To enable the student to develop the ability to analyze, organize, and integrate information effectively to make clinical decisions relating to the diagnosis, prognosis, management and control of diseases.


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this rotation student doctors will be able to:

  1. Obtain a complete medical and a problem-specific medical history and physical exam
  2. Identify clinical problems from a history and physical examination and use them to create a ranked problem list
  3. Construct differential diagnoses lists for relevant clinical problems
  4. Using a problem-based approach, devise appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic plans for patients
  5. Effectively and empathetically communicate with owners and healthcare colleagues to coordinate patient care
  6. Use appropriate resources to answer clinically relevant case-based questions


Research Guide

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