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COUN PSY 125: A Wisconsin Experience Seminar (Summer 2021) : College Library

College Library - A Brief Virtual Tour of Our Resources and Services

College Library is known as the "social library" on campus and it offers primary service to undergraduates at UW-Madison. Our resources and services are intended to serve introductory research needs across all disciplines. In addition to browsing collections in Ethnic Studies and Gender & Women's Studies, College Library offers a variety of study space options. Food and drink are welcome in most areas of the library.

The Information Desk - First Floor


The Information Desk is the heart of College Library. There you will find friendly library staff ready and willing to answer your questions - from directions to classrooms within the building to in-depth assistance on a research topic - we're here to help! You can also chat with a librarian (online or text) or schedule an appointment or virtual consultation.

Book and Video Collections - First Floor and All Floors

College Library has thousands of books, documentaries, and more to help you conduct research for your class assignments. As the only library on campus dedicated to a population (undergraduates) not a subject, we have introductory materials covering all disciplines.

In addition, we have the Open Book Collection which includes popular books, graphic novels, video & board games, and DVDs for those times when you need a break from course work. You can also find a selection of magazines in Open Book, although you can't check them out. They are available to read within the library. Here are some popular searches for our unique collections:

Browse the board game collection through the Library Catalog.

Browse the video game collection through the Library Catalog.

Browse the Open Book DVD Collection through the Library Catalog.

Study Spaces - First Floor and All Floors

Room 2191

For the 2021-22 summer semester, College Library offers a variety of study spaces - small group study (for 2 to 3 people in Room 3250), talking, quiet or silent study, and individual study rooms - while still complying with the university's physical distancing requirements.


Computer Lab - Second Floor

Room 2250, College Library

Not your "standard" computer lab ... these computers are loaded with design, statistical, spreadsheet software and much, much more to incorporate into your course assignments. You'll also find commercial quality poster printers and you can even borrow equipment such as laptops, cameras, and digital video recorders. Or, if you're not on campus, take advantage of our "Remote InfoLab" service that provides 24-hour access from any location to software provided on InfoLab computers. 

Design Lab - Second Floor

Some of your assignments may include components such as videos, websites and infographics. DesignLab is a digital media design consulting service that can help with all of the above through one-on-one or small group consultations.