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Current Awareness Tools - RSS & Beyond : Finding & Subscribing to Feeds

Finding Feeds on a Website

Look for a graphic like this imagerss on the web page. It may also appear in the address bar and sometimes other graphics are used - here's a few more you may come across.

Some sites will have a link for RSS feeds at the bottom/footer of their home page - this usually takes you to a page with a variety of feeds to choose from.

Look for terms like "alerts", "follow us", "subscribe", "news" or "site updates" (often on the right side or at the bottom of a page). If you don't see anything try using the site search for "RSS" or any of these terms.

Subscribing to Feeds

When you find a feed, click on the RSS icon to subscribe. What happens next depends on what browser you are using:

  • Firefox Safari, Opera, Chrome and other modern browsers: Choose your reader from the list, click ok and you are subscribed to the feed.
  • Internet Explorer: You will need to copy and paste the link to the feed to manually add it to your feed reader.

If you are using Feedly, click the Add Content link to find suggestions for other feeds or to add feeds you've already found. Other RSS readers have similar ways to find and add feeds to your reader.

Journal Table of Contents Feeds

Journal vendors and publishers often provide feeds for their titles, but they aren't always easy to find.

rss  Health Sciences Journals

We've collected feeds for over 3000 health sciences journals, which you can browse alphabetically or by topic:

opml  Health Sciences Journal Bundles

While you can always subscribe to feeds one by one, you have the option to subscribe to topic groups of several feeds at once. You'll find these feed bundles in our listing of E-Journal Feeds by Topic.

Beyond the Health Sciences

A great source for e-journal feeds in other disciplines is the JournalTOCs Table of Contents Service.

Other Sources of Feeds

Here are some other sources for finding health news feeds that we recommend: