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Finding Social Science Data for Research : Tools For Data Analysis

This research guide provides an introduction to using campus resources, government agencies, and consortia like ICPSR for finding and obtaining social science data.

Tools for Data Analysis

Available on campus:

1) The Division of Information Technology (DoIT):

DoIT provides technology services to UW‑Madison. There are eighteen general access computer labs (DoIt InfoLabs) conveniently located across campus. Computer labs (InfoLabs) map shows where DoIT Labs are. These labs offer Internet access and word processing, design, spreadsheet, statistical and course-specific software. Find out what software packages are available at DoIT InfoLabs. InfoLabs also offer color printers, scanners and digital editing resources.  

2) Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC):

SSCC computing resources are only available to individuals who possess affiliates with the departments and research centers who make up the Co-operative. SSCC members are:

  • Center for Demography and Ecology
  • Center for Demography of Health and Aging
  • Center on Wisconsin Strategy
  • Economics
  • Institute for Research on Poverty
  • Institute on Aging
  • School of Human Ecology
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Sociology
  • University of Wisconsin Survey Center

However, SSCC does provide training courses that are open to the wider University community. Statistical Computing from SSCC website offers articles related to various programs for doing statistical analysis.

Campus Software Library

Some statistical programs are available to current UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff for download through DoIT's Campus Software Library.  Here's a list of all the software available from the Campus Software Library.