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Political Science : Jobs & Funding

Funding Search Engines

The links below can help students find sources of funding, whether they be grants, scholarships, loans, etc. 

Searching for Jobs

UW-Madison Office of Fellowships and Funding Resources

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Grants and Funding Opportunities



  • WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN AWARD -- is granted each year to the student who has completed the best term paper submitted in a political science course or the best thesis.  Papers or theses are nominated by the individual faculty members who have worked with individual students on papers or theses. Deadline for nomination is May 15.
  • LEON EPSTEIN PRIZE -- is granted to alternates between the undergraduate or graduate student whose written work makes an outstanding contribution to the study of American or British politics. (Undergraduate in odd years, graduate student in even years). Application deadline is May 15.

SCHOLARSHIPS (2012 application deadline: extended to 7 March):

  • ELAINE C. DAVIS PRIZE -- is an annual award of varying amount (approximately $250.00). It is awarded by the UW-Madison Political Science Department to a senior political science major in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and leadership in campus and/or community affairs. The awardee must have a record of demonstrating intellectual ability and curiosity, good citizenship, and an appreciation of the world outside her or himself.
  • PHILIP J. SCHEMEL AWARD -- is awarded to a non-resident student with financial need. The application must include evidence of financial need.  The financial aid award statement or an explanation of financial need is acceptable evidence.  Preference is for a student from New York or Connecticut, but all non-resident students will be considered. If a qualifying non-resident student can NOT be found, then the award will go to a student from Wisconsin. The award is for $1600, awarded annually.
  • JUDITH HICKS STIEHM AWARD -- is to provide support to an undergraduate studing studying political science (not necessarily a major), to be used for tuition or to provide funding for an opportunity that will enhance learning (e.g., internship, travel, or research); preference to Wisconsin resident; award based on significant financial need; awardee must have at least a C+ average. The application must include evidence of financial need. Including your financial aid award statement is helpful, but only an explanation of financial need is necessary.  If you wish to use the award for funding research or some other opportunity, you must provide a brief (no more than one page) description of your project/opportunity with your application. If you are working with a faculty sponsor or university program, please include that information as well. 
  • JOHN STANOCH SCHOLARSHIP -- This scholarship is established by UW political science alumnus John Stanoch. The scholarship will support a student with financial need, preferably from Minnesota. The scholarship amount is $500.

How to apply for these scholarships:

  • Students must be declared political science majors in order to apply.
  • The application is now available through Scholarships@UW-Madison for eligible students. To access the application, log in to My UW and go to the Finance tab. Please log on and complete the questions presented to you. Please keep in mind that the site is screening applicants for many L&S scholarships so you may be asked questions that seem unrelated to specific scholarships. The website will then present you with a list of scholarships for which you are eligible to apply, including those in the political science department. Review the whole application to get an idea of what information is needed and to gauge how long it will take you to complete.


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