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Eastern Europe and the July 1914 Crisis : Home

UW-Madison Memorial Library resources relating to the roles of Eastern European nations in the beginning of World War I.

Eastern Europe and the July 1914 Crisis

Memoirs of two pre-war Russian Foreign Ministers (Sergei Sazonov and Aleksandr Izvolskii)

Sazonov, Sergei Dmitrievich, 1861-1927
Fateful years, 1909-1916 : the reminiscences of Serge Sazonov.
London : J. Cape, 1928.

Izvolskii, A. P. (Aleksandr Petrovich), 1856-1919.
Recollections of a foreign minister (Memoirs of Alexander Iswolsky). / tr. by Charles Louis Seeger.
Garden City : Doubleday, Page & Company, 1921.
Digital copy in Hathi Trust

Diplomatic Document Collections (the "color" books: Russian Orange Book, Serbian Blue Book, etc.) 

Collected diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of the European War.
London :  H.M. Stationery Office, Harrison and Sons Printers, 1915.
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Documents respecting the negotiations preceding the War published by the Russian government.  Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Majesty, October, 1914.
London :  H.M.S.O.,  1914.
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Digitized copy of the Russian Orange Book (no. 1)

Digitized copy of the Serbian Blue Book

Scott, James Brown, 1866-1943.
Diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of the European war. / edited with an introduction by James Brown Scott.
New York : Oxford University Press, American Branch,  1916.
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Digital copy of Volume 2 in Hathi Trust

Romberg, Konrad Gisbert Wilhelm,  Freiherr von,  1866-1939.
Falsifications of the Russian orange book :  actual exchange of telegrams between Paris and St. Petersburg at the outbreak of the war. / edited by Baron G. von Romberg.
New York :  B.W. Huebsch,  1923.
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Romberg, Konrad Gisbert Wilhelm,  Freiherr von, 1866-1939.
The falsifications of the Russian orange book.  /  published by Baron G.V. Romberg ... translated by Major Cyprian Bridge, with a foreword by G.P. Gooch.
London : G. Allen & Unwin,  [1923].

Romberg, Konrad Gisbert Wilhelm,  Freiherr von,  1866-1939.
Die fälschungen des russischen orangebuches; der wahre telegrammwechsel Paris-Petersburg bei kriegsaubruch. / herausgegeben von freiherrn G. von Romberg.
Berlin und Leipzig : Vereinigung wissenschaftlicher verleger, 1922.
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Stieve, Friedrich,  b. 1884.
Das russische orangebuch über den kriegsausbruch mit der Türkei ;  seine fälschungen über das garantie-angebot der ententemächte an die ottomanische regierung; im auftrag des Auswärtigen amtes.  /  herausgegeben von Friedrich Stieve.
[The Russian orange book about the outbreak of war with Turkey, its falsification about the guarantee that the entente offered to the Ottoman government, by order of the Foreign Affairs Office]
Berlin :  Verlag für kulturpolitik,  1926.

Ottoman diplomatic documents on the origins of World War One. /  edited by Sinan Kuneralp, Gül Tokay.
Beylerbeyi, İstanbul :  The Isis Press,  2008-

Monographs relating to the Eastern European nations roles in the July 1914 Crisis and the outbreak of World War I.

Soroka, Marina.
Britain, Russia, and the road to the First World War :  the fateful embassy of Count Aleksandr Benckendorff (1903-16). /  Marina Soroka.
Burlington, VT :  Ashgate,  2011.

Kennan, George F.  (George Frost),  1904-2005.
The fateful alliance :  France, Russia, and the coming of the First World War. /  George F. Kennan.
New York :  Pantheon Books,  1984.

Lieven, D. C. B.
Russia and the origins of the First World War. /  D.C.B. Lieven.
New York :  St. Martin’s Press,  1983.

Van der Vat, Dan.
The ship that changed the world : the escape of the Goeben to the Dardanelles in 1914. / Dan van der Vat.
Edinburgh : Birlinn, 2000.

Paléologue, Maurice, 1859-1944.
An ambassador’s memoirs. / translated by F. A. Holt.
New York : George H. Doran, 1924-25.
v. 1. July, 1914-June 2nd, 1915. -- v. 2. June 3, 1915- August 18, 1916. -- v. 3. August 19, 1916-May 17, 1917.

Buchanan, George William, Sir, 1854-1924.
My mission to Russia and other diplomatic memories / by the Right Hon. Sir George Buchanan.
Boston : Little, Brown & company, 1923.
Digital copy of Volume 1 in Hathi Trust
Digital copy of Volume 2 in Hathi Trust

How the war began in 1914 : being the diary of the Russian Foreign office from the 3rd to the 20th (old style) of July, 1914.  / translated from the original Russian by Major W. Cyprian Bridge ; with a foreword to the translation by S.D. Sazonov ; and an introduction by Baron M.F. Schilling.
London : G. Allen & Unwin, 1925.
Published by the "Red Archives" Department of the Russian Soviet Government.

Beck, James M.  (James Montgomery),  1861-1936.
The evidence in the case :  a discussion of the moral responsibility for the War of 1914, as disclosed by the diplomatic records of England, Germany, Russia, France, Austria, Italy, and Belgium /  by James M. Beck ; with an introduction by Joseph H. Choate.
Rev. ed., with additional material.
New York :  G. P. Putnam’s Sons,  1915.
Digital copy in Hathi Trust

Headlam, James Wycliffe,  1863-1929.
The history of twelve days, July 24th to August 4th, 1914 :  being an account of the negotiations preceding the outbreak of war based on the official publications. /  by J. W. Headlam.
New York :  Charles Scribner’s Sons,  1915.
Digital copy in Hathi Trust

Stieve, Friedrich,  b. 1884.
Isvolsky and the world war, based on the documents recently published by the German Foreign Office. / by Friedrich Stieve, translated by E.W. Dickes.
London : G. Allen & Unwin, [1926]

Stieve, Friedrich,  b. 1884.
Russia and France on the road towards the world war :  from the diplomatic correspondence of a Russian statesman.
[Berlin? : s.n.],  1925]

Tunstall, Graydon A.  (Graydon Allen)
Austro-Hungarian and German military strategies, 1871-1914. /  Graydon A. Tunstall, Jr.
Boulder, Colo. :  Social Science Monographs,  1993.

Aleksinskii, Grigorii,  1879-1968.
Russia and the great war. / by Gregor Alexinsky ... translated by Bernard Miall.
London :  T. Fisher Unwin,  1915.
Digital copy in Hathi Trust

New York times.
Why England, Germany and Russia went to war. : The "white papers" of England and Germany and the "orange paper" of Russia, and other diplomatic correspondence and documents relating to the European war. Republished from the New York times. August 23d and 24th, September 27th and other dates, 1914.
[7th ed.--enl. to include the Russian "orange paper"].
New York : New York Times Co., 1914.