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Transition to College : Welcome

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Get to know your libraries

Libraries and librarians on the UW-Madison campus are here to support you! 

The Libraries' Website is your portal to all the libraries (there are over 30 different campus libraries), as well as the places to search for information and sources (books, articles, images, streaming videos, etc.) that are purchased by the libraries. 

During your college experience, you will likely use the Libraries' website or individual libraries to:

  • access some of your textbooks or course packets for 2 hours at a time.
  • search for purchased or licensed sources (articles, books, videos etc.) available online free to you as a student that aren't available if searching other online sites.
  • get research support on assignments from our friendly librarians.
  • study individually or in groups in some of our open or reserveable spaces.
  • check out laptops, devices, chargers, adapters, or other equipment needed for class work.

To get you started, here are some quick facts you'll want to know:

  • You can reach a librarian in many ways for help with research, just Ask a Librarian. Don't be shy - we're here to help!
  • We teach drop-in workshops to help you with specific tools and issues. Here is a link to our workshops list:
    • Highly recommended for new students: UW-Madison Libraries: What You Really Need to Know workshop which covers all the basics of how to find information in our libraries, what services we offer, and how you can get help with your research.
    • We also have online videos that include the content represented in the workshop:

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