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Interactive Whiteboards : MERIT-Developed Resources

A guide to Interactive Whiteboards. A guide to the literature, MERIT-developed best practices and web resources.

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How to get the Promethean or SMART Software at MERIT

Visit the circulation desk to check out a jump drive with the Promethean software (ActiveInspire) or the SMART Board software (Notebook) or both. For both Mac and PC users.

Workshops by MERIT Library

MERIT Library hosts a number of workshops on Interactive Whiteboards each semester. These workshops introduce participants to some of the basic features and the hardware and software components of interactive whiteboards. It also examines and compares SMARTNotebook and ActiveInspire (Promethean) software and allows participants hands-on use of a Promethean board.

In addition to scheduled workshops, sessions can be designed or adapted as course-integrated instruction for specific classes, or scheduled as consultation for individuals, meetings, or groups.

Click here to see the list of the current semester's workshops. You may also stop by the Information Desk at MERIT Library for individual help. 

Getting Started with your Promethean Board

ActivInspire Tools Orientation
Acquaints users with the basic tools and function of the ActivInspire software used for Promethean boards.

Navigating Promethean Planet
Provides a searching guide to find community-uploaded flipcharts on the Promethean Planet website. Information on resource packs, themes, and partner resources are also explained.

Annotating with ActivInspire
Walks the user through how to annotate outside ActivInspire and save annotations for future review.

Using Promethean ActivExpressions
Describes how to set up questions for class assessment, self-guided student quizzes, and on-the-fly questions.

Build an Activity in ActiveInspire

Shows techniques that can be used to create interactive activities with the ActivInspire software.

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