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American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) : Insect Management

General Insect Management

Primary (1⁰) and Secondary (2⁰) Insect Pests

Moths that attack Buds, Flowers or Fruit


  • Blackheaded Fireworm (Rhopobota naevena naevanaHbn.)
  • Hill Fireworm (Tlascala finetella Wlk.)
  • Red-striped Fireworm (Aroga trialbamacullella Chamb.)
  • Sparganothis Fruitworm (Sparganothis sulfureana Clem.)
  • Spotted Fireworm (Choristoneura parellela Rob.)
  • Yellow-headed Fireworm (Acleris minuata Rob. = Peronea minuata Rob.)

Spanworms (inchworms or loopers)

  • Big Cranberry Spanworm (Abbotana clemataria S. & A.)
  • Black spanworm/blueberry spanworm (Macaria argillacearia Pack.
  • Chain-dotted Geometer/yellow cranberry looper/spanworm (Cingilia catenaria Drury)
  • Cotton Spanworm (Anavitrinella pampinarea Gn.)
  • Cranberry Spanworm (Ematurga amitaria Gn.)
  • Eupithecia spanworm (Eupithecia miserulata Grt.)
  • Green Cranberry Spanworm (Itame sulphurea Pack.)
  • Rannoch Looper (Itame brunneata Thunb.)
  • Small engrailed spanworm/saddleback looper (Ecotropis crepuscularia D. & S.)
  • Spiny Looper (Phigalia titea Cram.)
  • Variegated orange spanworm (Epelis truncataria Wlkr.)

Cutworms (fam. Noctuidae)

Hairy Caterpillars


Other common moths

  • Bagworm (Fumea casta Pallas)

Other Insects that Attack Foliage and Fruit

  • Cranberry Sawfly (Pristiphora idiota Norton)
  • Cranberry Tipworm (Dasyneura vaccinii Smith)


Blunt-Nosed Cranberry Leafhopper (Euscelis striatulus Fallen)

Southern Red Mite (Oligonychus ilicis McGregor)

Insects that Attack the Stem

Cranberry Girdler (Chrysoteuchia topiaria Zeller)

Scale Insects

  • Cranberry Scale (Aspidaspis oxycoccus Woglum)
  • Dearness Scale (Rhizaspidiotes dearnessi Ckll.)
  • Eriococcus Scale (Eriococcus azaleae Comst.)
  • Latania Scale (Hemiberlesia lataniae Signoret)
  • Lecanium Scale(Lecanium corni Bouche)
  • Oystershell Scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi Linn.)
  • San Jose Scale (Aspidiotus perniciosus Comstock)

Cranberry Spittle Insect (Clastoptera saint-cyri Prov.)

Insects that Attack the Roots


  • Cranberry Root Grub (Lichnanthe vulpina Hentz)
  • Cranberry Rootworm (Rhabdopterus picipes Oliv.)
  • Cranberry White Grub (Phyllophaga anxia Lec.)
  • Grape Anomola (Anomala lucicola Fab.)
  • Striped Colaspis (Colaspis costipennis Crotch)


Pesticide Toxicity Injury