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COM ARTS 262: Theory and Practice of Argumentation and Debate (Spring 2022) : News & Newspaper Sources

Databases for News & Newspaper Sources

News and newspaper sources provide reports of current events and public debate.  They may provide reports of research and statistics and data and lead you to other sources. They also provide editorials and opinions, speeches, etc. which can be a source of arguments. For your debate, you will need to consider a proposition and arguments that affirm or negate the proposition. 

Databases for Newspaper Articles & News Transcripts​

Databases for Magazine Articles


Example: News Source/Magazine Article


Layden, Tim and Sarah Kwak. "The Case for ... A Stricter Punishment." Sports Illustrated, vol. 127, no. 19, 18 Dec. 2017, p. 24.

Example: Newspaper Article


Mather, Victor and Rebecca R. Ruiz. "Without a Flag or an Anthem, 169 from Russia Will Seek Gold." New York Times, vol. 167, no. 57854, 26 Jan. 2018, pp. B8-B11.