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COM ARTS 262: Theory and Practice of Argumentation and Debate (Spring 2022) : Find Sources: Recommended Databases

Information Sources

For your debate and annotated bibliography assignments, you will need a variety of information sources.  These sources include: 

  • Background information from subject encyclopedias and reference sources & non-scholarly databases such as Opposing Viewpoints & CQ Researcher
  • Reports of recent events & debate, editorials & speeches, reports of research & statistics from News Sources, Newspapers, Magazines
  • Evidence/facts/data from scholarly sources such as journal articles and academic books, research & statistics from government documents, polling numbers of what people think

You will find recommended library databases for each type of source on their respective subpages.  Use the blue navigation buttons on the left to access pages with links to databases.

Locating Article Databases

To learn how to locate article databases by name or subject, please use the tip sheet below.