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CHICLA 330: Gentrification In Latinx Comm. (Spring 2022) : Census concepts and definitions

Information about and links to library resources helpful for CHICLA 330: Gentrification in Latinx Communities. Emphasis on retrieving Census data.

Why These Concepts Matter

When you start to retrieve data, you'll most likely encounter terms you're unfamiliar with  Understanding these terms will help you use tools to retrieve the data you want, and sometimes explain why you can't find certain kinds of data.  The U.S. Census is very complicated

Most data retrieval tools will require you to make choices about surveys or data sets and geographies.

When a survey was conducted, and whether it measured conditions on a given day, or estimated conditions over a period of time,  may affect what data set you choose; you'll also want to know how soon certain data is made available.

When dealing with demographic data, it's helpful to know how the Census counts race and Hispanic origin.

Census Glossaries

General Glossary from the Census Bureau web site. Concepts are listed in alphabetical order

Glossary about geography from the Census Bureau web site.  This glossary is a little more relational: major categories of geographical/aerial units are listed alphabetically. Those definitions include descriptions of smaller units that fall within the larger/major category.

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