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HISTORY 201: The Historian's Craft: World of Alexander Hamilton (Spring 2021) : Books

E-book Collections

These collections represent some of the e-book collections that can be found in the Database Library. They represent only a fraction of what is available; for more, see complete list. Some are Library subscription databases and some are free digital libraries.

Finding Primary Sources in Books (in the Library Catalog)

Books may be or contain primary sources. Examples may include personal narratives, memoirs, and autobiographies, collected works, and collections of documents. They may be published at the time or compiled and published at a later time.  

 Use the tips below to search the Library Catalog for books that contain primary sources.

  • Words in catalog records can identify an item as a primary source. Search for format related words like: advertisements, autobiographies, correspondence, diaries, documents, interviews, journal, letters, manuscripts, personal narratives, sources, speeches, etc. You can combine a primary-source format word with words describing your topic (e.g., letters and Lincoln or diaries and civil war).
  • To find diaries, letters, autobiographies, personal papers, etc., by a particular person, search for the person's name as an author.
  • Use the "Years" dropdown to filter results to a period of time.

On This Page

This page provides links to collections of 18th and 19th - century books, books that Alexander Hamilton and his compatriots would have read and written.

Additionally included are tips on finding primary resources using the Library Catalog.

Freely Available E-books

Some of the largest collections of freely-available electronic books: