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AFRICAN 202: Introductory Topics in African Cultural Studies (Spring 2021) : Find Articles

Finding Articles in Databases

Reminder - If you are looking for articles on a subject or topic, try searching on your topic in two (or more) subject databases. For database suggestions and instructions for how to locate more databases, go to the Find Databases tab on this guide (see tab on left).

For other ways to search for articles, see the boxes below for directions.

Finding an Article from a Citation

View the Finding a Specific Article Tip Sheet for steps to take to find a specific article that you found mentioned in a book, an article, or online

Finding Articles in Suggested Journals

View the Finding a Specific Journal  Tip Sheet for steps to take to search for a specific journal  and search within a journal for articles:

For this class, your instructor may provide some specific journals you can search in. You can use the instructions above to search or browse in those journals.

Suggested Journals:

American Speech

Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies

Research in African Literatures


Language in Society

Gender & Women's Studies

Anthopology and Education Quarterly