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LITTRANS 302: What is life? Biological Life in Literature and Culture (Spring 2021) : Evaluating Articles

This guide is designed for students of LITTRANS 302 to help them in their library research.

Evaluating Articles

Is it useful?

First, consider the requirements of your assignment. Databases can include articles from many information sources, fields of study, and time periods. The academic discipline, focus of the assignment, and individual research question all play a role in determining which sources are relevant and appropriate.

Is it reliable?

It is your responsibility to determine whether any concepts or information you cite are from reliable, high-quality sources. Low quality research may use faulty research methods, contain outdated information, or come from an untrustworthy source. All types of information sources can have a bias, including scholarly research.

As a researcher, your role is to weigh potential bias, select high-quality sources, and present materials in a balanced manner. The evaluation tip sheet below provides techniques to evaluate for high quality sources.

Identifying Scholarly Articles

For written directions, see: Identifying Scholarly Articles.