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LSC 560: Life Sciences Communication. Scientific Writing (Fall 2022) : Finding Full Text

Finding Full Text

When you search a database for research, your results will usually include the abstract and title/author/source information. If full text is available in that database you will see a link to a PDF or HTML version. Often the full text is not available in the database. Instead UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students can connect to the actual full text of the article from database search results through the FindIT link:

  1. Click the FindIT button or the "Find It at UW Madison" link next to or near an article citation.

  2. Under Full Text Online, click the link. It may take you directly to the article, or you might need to choose the date, volume, issue and scan for the article. There may be multiple links provided. If one link doesn't work, try another.

If there is No Full Text Online

If the FindIT system says that there is No Full Text Online, you can request a copy of the article from the library:

  1. Click Request a Copy link at the end of the Find It results list. Log in to Interlibrary loan with your NetID.

  2. FindIT will transfer the citation from the database to the article request form. You will need to fill in any missing required information.

  3. You'll get an email when a PDF of the article is available - usually in 1-3 days - at no charge to you.