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LSC 560: Life Sciences Communication. Scientific Writing (Fall 2023) : Find Scholarly Research Articles

Selecting and Searching Databases by Subject or Type


You can access databases from the library home page ( Use the dropdown menu at the Catalog button to navigate to Databases

There are several ways to browse and to select databases: 

1) Search by the title of the database (for example, GreenFILE).

2) Use the Browse by Subject or by Type pages to select databases that cover the research literature on your topic of interest.

3) Visit the Top 10 Databases page to quickly access a selection of popularly-used databases. 


Consider the databases listed, below, for conducting your search of the research literature.

Browse Journals in Browzine

BrowZine is available for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff. BrowZine lets you browse, read, save, and monitor scholarly journals in your subject areas on your mobile device or desktop/laptop.


Retrieve the Full Article

Follow  Check Find It for availability. A new window will open...  (Find It button) or the "Find It at UW Madison" link in most databases to:

  • get online full text (when available)
  • see if the journal is available in print (Library Catalog)
  • request a copy of the article if full text is not available online ("Request a Copy" link)

If you already have a citation, use this Citation Search to search for your article.

Understanding the Peer Review Process

Scholarly articles undergo a peer review process before they are published. This means that experts in the field are invited by the journal editors to review the quality of the article, and make suggestions for improvements before publication. 

This video explains the peer review process: