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ASIAN 630/815 Ethnography : Home

Ethnography Searches


List of Examples of Search Terms:


General Topics (Recommended by Professor Cerulli)

historical ethnography (history and ethnography)

online ethnography

ethnography and social media

ethnographic film


medical ethnography (ethnography and medicine)

ethnography of/and religion


Specific Topics (India as Example)

Ethnography in the Raj, Ethnography AND Indian Colonialism

Ethnography AND WhatsApp

Ethnography AND India AND SMS language, Ethnography AND Hinglish

Ethnography AND Bollywood, Tollywood, Lollywood, etc.

Ethnography AND Ayurveda, Yunani Medicine, etc.

Ethnography AND Tibetan Buddhism in Exile

Ethnography AND Hinduism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.

Ethnography AND Banjārās

Ethnography AND Baghdadi Judaism in India, Cochin Judaism, Calcutta/Kolkata Judaism 

Bihārī Calligraphy, Khaṭṭ-i Bihārī



Ethnology AND China

Ethnology AND fieldwork AND China

Ethnology AND folklore AND China

Ethnology AND Taiwan

Ethnology AND Hong Kong



Ethnology AND India

Ethnology AND Hindustan

Ethnology AND Fieldwork AND India

Anthropology of Religion AND India



Ethnology -- Japan --History

Japan -- Social life and customs 

Ethnology  -- Japan -- Methodology

Ethnology -- East Asia -- Bibliography



Ethnology AND Myanmar

Ethnology AND Fieldwork AND Myanmar

Anthropology of Religion AND Burma



Ethnology AND Thailand

Ethnology AND Fieldwork AND Thailand

Anthropology of Religion AND Thailand




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