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LSC 340: Misinformation, Fake News, and Correcting False Beliefs about Science (Spring 2024) : Suggested Journals to Browse/Search

Suggested Journals for Browsing and Searching

For your assignments, Dr. Chinn has suggested some journals where scholars in the field of communication, political science, psychology, and other social science disciplines publish papers on misinformation.

The links from each journal in the Journal Titles box will take you to a catalog record for the journal where you will see holdings information and links to access available full-text. From off-campus, you will log in with NetID and password. Available full-text holdings can be browsed by volume and issue. For information about how to search for specific journals in our collections, see the tip sheet, "Finding a Specific Journal".

Note: Rather than a catalog record, HKS Misinformation Review links directly to the publication's site.

Strategies for Searching within Specific Journals

Strategy #1 (the easy method):

Follow links to available full-text from the catalog record. Once within the full-text interface--either through the publisher's Website or another database interface--look for the search box to run a search for your topic within the contents of that specific journal. 

Important Tip: If running a search within the contents of a journal and looking for the most recently-published articles there, be sure to sort or to order your retrieval by "most recent date" or "newest first".

Strategy #2 (more challenging but our librarians can help!)

Many of the research literature databases can enable you to limit your search to a specific journal, provided that the database covers that journal. For instance, using databases such as Scopus or Web of Science, enter the journal name into one of the search boxes and set the drop-down field limit to source title or publication title (depending upon the database). Enter your topic terms within another box and run the search. 

See example from Web of Science: