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HISTORY 363: China and World War II in Asia (Spring 2022) : Historical documents in Chinese

Chatham House Online Archive (NetID required)

  • It contains the publications and archives of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), including audio recordings and transcripts of debates and speeches it has hosted.

China: Trade, Politics & Culture (NetID required)

  • The Digitized primary source material makes up this collection designed to fill a need for English-language primary sources relating to China and the West in 1793-1980.

Economic Cooperation Administration’s Relief Mission in Post-War China, 1946-1948 (NetID required)

  • It is a digitized archive of files from the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) documents that work toward economic and cultural opportunities with China in the period after WWII.

Foreign Office Files for China 1919-1980 (NetID required)

  • This database includes sources from the National Archives of the UK from the Foreign Office Files for China, 1919-1980. The six parts of this collection make available all British Foreign Office files dealing with greater China.

General George C. Marshall's Mission to China, 1945-1947 (NetID required)

  • It is an archive of documents from General George C. Marshall's post-WWII mission to prevent the renewal of the Chinese civil war and to prevent the growth of Soviet influence in both Manchuria and China.

Theory China 理论中国

  • TheoryChina is established by the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau. Its contents are mainly in the following four categories: policy documents of China’s supreme leading bodies, works of Chinese leaders, China’s philosophical and social studies, and introductory materials about China’s basic conditions and policies.
  • The documentations are available on full-text search, bookmark, and highlight.
  • The resources are accessible by unblocking Adobe Flash.

Chinese Foreign Policy Database from Wilson Center

  • This resource collects 1000s of documents from Chinese and international archives on insight into China’s foreign policy since 1949 and its relationship to ideology, revolution, the economy, and traditional Chinese culture. The Database is supported by the MacArthur Foundation and the Henry Luce Foundation.
  • It provides a timeline to browse the history of Chinese foreign policy.


  • The Academia Historia Office provides these multiple government materials in Taiwan.
  • The registration is for free with submitting passport information.
  • Some materials are not open to the public.

History of the Communist Party of China Database (中共党史经典文献数据库) (NetID required)

  • It provides the documents related to the Party’s central leadership and biographical information, including the Party and government policy decisions and records of major events. Access is limited to 10 simultaneous users.


  • It collects the primary source on China-Japan relations, including books, newspapers, archives, audio, video, etc. 


  • The archives contain important original historical records and serve as a major repository for research on modern Chinese history. The archives were established within the Institute of Modern History. The records in the archives are divided between diplomatic archives (1860s-1970s), economic archives (1903-1980s), personal papers, etc. The total length of all the files combined is approximately 10,000 meters.
  • The registration is for free with submitting ID information.
  • Some materials are not open to the public.

Tokyo Trials Literature ("东京审判"文献数据库) (NetID required)

  • It is the Full-text documents of the Tokyo Trials of Japanese war criminals in World War II. Includes transcripts of proceedings and court exhibits, along with historical photos, audio, and video.