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HISTORY 363: China and World War II in Asia (Spring 2022) : Group Discussion/Exercise

Instructions for group discussion

  1. Work in groups of 4 or 5.
  2. Your group will be assigned a topic (listed in next box) and a database to search for resources on that topic.
  3. Work together to answer the following questions about your searching, and be prepared to share what you find with the rest of the class.
    1. How did you get to the database?
    2. What search terms did you use to find the document/article?
    3. Why do you think this document/article is related to the topic?
    4. Anything else you want to share about your search?

Topics for group discussion

  1. An archive file on the U.S.-China relationship between 1943 and 1945 in the Foreign Office Files for China 1919-1980. (Hint for search terms: U.S./United States, China/Chinese) 


  2. An article from any of the historical newspapers published in the U.S. about the war in Asia.  (Hint: locate the historical newspapers and the time range)


  3. An historical document related to communism in General George C. Marshall's Mission to China, 1945-1947.  (Hint: communism/communist)


  4. A news report related to Nanjing (a city in China) in a historical newspaper published in China before 1949 in Chinese Periodical Full-text Database 1911-1949. (Hint: the old Romanized name “Nanking”)


  5. A document from the United States and Asia relations before WWII in the UW-Madison Digital Collection. (Hint: some old word like “Far East”)