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Teaching and Learning Research Guide for STEM & SBE Overview


Purpose of this Guide:

   * Link to resources for research on teaching and learning for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and SBE (Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences)

         - Suggested education article databases
         - Journals that publish teaching research by discipline
         - Recommended books
         - Online resources
               + organizations
               + standards
               + repositories
               + assessment tools

   * Connect with librarians familiar with researching teaching and learning who are eager to help you     

How to use this Guide:

   * Many pages will have a "How to Use this Page" box with an explanation and/or suggestions for what resource to use as well as several resources

        - For general and specific article/paper searching, go to the Article Database page
        - For finding books for research or suggested books, go to the Books page
        - For suggested journals, go to the Journals tab and its drop-down menu of categories
        - For more resources, such as standards or repositories, go to the Online Resources tab and its drop-down menu of categories

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