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Africa in the Curriculum: Home

Why this guide?

This guide is intended for instructors aiming to incorporate African Studies in the curriculum. While this guide will suggest potential resources and topics to introduce to students, it is important to keep in mind that Africa is comprised of many different countries, each with their own unique culture and history. 

Here are some tips, according to the Boston University African Studies Center:

A. Don’t teach about Africa. This diverse and complex continent with over 50 countries, is just too much to cover in an elementary curriculum.

B. Seek commonalities in the human experience, respect differences, and relate your African studies curriculum to the daily lives of children. 

C. Reinforce the ideas you have taught in other segments of the curriculum by giving examples and illustrations in an African studies unit.

D. African studies must not be dominated by problems.

E. Teach the idea that we have something to learn from African societies. 

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