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Criminology: Home


This is UW-Madison's criminology resource guide. Criminology is the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior, and law enforcement

This guide is divided into four sections:

  • Statistics helps you find criminal justice statistics, and points you to different types of statistical analysis software
  • Article Databases shows you UW-Madison's criminal justice and law databases where you can find useful articles for your papers and research
  • Websites and Podcasts points you to a variety of government and non-govermental websites about criminal justice, and links to criminal justice podcasts available through iTunes
  • Jobs is a portal to criminal justice positions in Wisconsin and throughout the United States

Criminology Quick Stats

Sociology 441: Criminology

Important Dates

  • The final paper is due 4/28/11.
  • The final exam is 5/10/11.

Criminal Justice Photo

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